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Vishnu Sahasranama Chanting

Dear Fellow Seekers,

The Center for Inner Resources Development - North America (CIRD-NA) warmly welcomes you to the chorus Vishnu Sahasranama Japa Yajna.

Vishnu Sahasranama is the thousand names of Lord MahaVishnu. Vishnu is the Lord of all Sacrifices, Yajnas and Yagas. This appears in the epic Mahabharata, authored by Sage Vyasadeva. The occasion, relevance and purpose in which these names were revealed by Bheeshma Pitamaha are quite singular.

In the 18-day war on Kurukshetra, all but 10 of the 4.5 millions warriors coming from all parts of India, were killed. Headed by Yudhishtira, an amazing number of people including women, the widows of those who died, stepped into the river to perform tarpana for the departed souls. Right then, Kuntidevi rushed there in total affliction and asked Yudhishtira to “perform tarpana for Karna, your elder brother”. Yudhishtira’s grief knew no bounds. “Why did not my mother disclose this truth beforehand? I would have surrendered myself before him and the war would have been avoided.”

Disclaiming his victory, he said he would not sit on the throne, instead seek the words to steep himself in austerity, living on roots and leaves. The brothers tried to console him. Even Krishna tried. But all to no avail. Vyasadeva spoke a few words, which touched his heart and he wanted to know more. Vyasadeva said “Go to your grandfather, still on the arrow bed. He will enlighten you on all points.”

Lead by Krishna, Yudhishtira went to the grandfather. With a few words of introduction, Krishna requested the grandfather to console the heart of the grandson. Thus began the long dialogue between the two, in which the whole of our Dharma is exposed.

“An event once it has come to pass, cannot be altered or undone. Time cannot be reversed, and instances redirected. The great war is all over. Its memory is what haunts you. This can be treated. Ashwamedha Yaga is the most holy Yaga. Perform it in all solemnity. A resolve on this will instantly overwhelm your mind. The holiness it generates will more overwhelm the tormenting memory.”

Ashwamedha Yaga can be done only by Kings and Emperors. “What about the ordinary people, who too want to be delivered from sins and torments?”

At this said the grandfather: “ 1000 names of Lord Vishnu are famed in our holy land. They were first told by Lord Shiva to Parvati. I know and shall tell you them all. Reciting these names will be more than even Ashvamedha Yaga in effect and the power to redeem human minds. Any one can recite these. All the names are strung into poetry, without any addition in the form of verbs or other adjuncts. ”

Since then these Names have been part of our culture and civilization.

Vishnusahasranama Recitation can be done in any manner by any one. To ward of dangers, calamities, to atone for any wrong or sin knowingly or unknowingly done, to strengthen and armour our mind and intelligence and for a lot more Sahasranama Recitation is unquestionably effective.

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