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Questions and Answers

Question: What is the purpose of religion?

Swamiji: Religion, as is understood, discusses the relationship between man and God as also between the world and God. It has the aim of informing, if not enlightening, humans, so as to help and strengthen their mind and intelligence. The outcome will be greater meaning, purpose and focus to life. When true religion is understood and pursued with zeal and fervor, the religionist will have greater confidence, inner strength and joy. The inner framework will be more stable, composed and poised - qualities otherwise rare and hard to achieve! Religion is not intended to generate or enhance fear and doubt. On the other hand, it relieves one of all fears and bestows clarity. Love towards one and all, compassion and readiness to sacrifice for the sake of others, are the watchwords of true religion. A religious mind is tolerant, patient, peaceful and determined. Are not these qualities at any rate enriching and empowering interactional life for any one?