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California Chapter Mission

SwamijiCIRD-NA California chapter’s mission is to promote the realization of oneness in all existence through development of the mind, and thereby to work for universal welfare and harmony. Our plan for the CIRD-NA California chapter is to serve Irvine residents by imparting educational programs and services (cultural as well as discourses), organizing charitable programs focused on dissemination of the teachings of Vedantic philosophy in Irvine to benefit the residents having easy access to these programs. The objectives of these services are to promote self-growth and activities conducive to the growth of human personality and development of character and integrity, particularly among the youths in the city of Irvine.

The programs will be based on the rational and practical orientation of developing one’s own inner resources centered on the needs of residents in the city of Irvine, CA. Our organization is committed to impart knowledge to youth and the Irvine community to enrich their awareness and understanding of their own potential through workshops on self-development, exposure of Indian philosophy through music and dance to build better communities in Irvine and Orange County. The programs are non-membership based and will be free and open to the people of all faiths and religions.